We work with any business in and around Sherman Oaks to repair, service and install HVAC systems. The types of systems we work on are.

  • Central Air Conditioning systems
  • Split ductless systems
  • Pipes

Call in a professional like ourselves to perform much needed maintenance, you will want someone who is licensed otherwise they could invalid the warranty of the system you have installed. What kind of maintenance should you expect?

  • Changing of all filters
  • Cleaning of the coils
  • Flushing of the coils
  • Drain the pan and drainage system
  • Vacuum and blow the dirt out of any components
  • Check its fully stocked with refrigerant
  • Look for leaks
  • Lube all parts and check mechanical components
  • Inspect the duct work for damage or leaks
  • Check no outdoor vegetation is growing over or in the system

You might want to consider a new system being installed in your business if the other is old and outdated. The reason being is new systems use far less energy and work at 40% more efficiency than say a model of 12 years or so in age. You will also notice a huge amount of money off your electric bill every month if you do this.

Should you need your air conditioning repaired at an odd time then we can accommodate that no problem. Since we are a 24 hour on call air conditioning Company you never have to worry about not having cool air or heat. Just call us up and you will be directed to the HVAC engineer on call who will set up time to come and fix the unit.

What We Offer

  • Trained air conditioning staff
  • Local engineers on call
  • HVAC inspection
  • Service contracts available
  • Furnace repairs
  • Air conditioning sales
  • Big stock selection
  • Heating repairs



Rose. B
"I wanted someone to come out to fix my AC unit straight away and they provided me an engineer within the hour. How good is that, super quick service!"


Candace Zook
"Gary the air conditioning guy was a real pro who knew what the problem was straight away, he had the part in stock so he switched it out and had the air back on that same day"


William Garman
"I was happy how the installation went; they really went to great lengths to accommodate my crazy work schedule. Thanks Air Conditioning Sherman Oaks for working on my system"

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