Depending on the size of your home or apartment it will determine the size of the unit you will need. So just to put it out there size really does matter with all things air conditioning related. If you are looking to buy a new AC unit then please contact us because we will advise you on what system you need. If you purchase a unit to big then you will be throwing money down the drain and living in a fridge and if you pick a unit to small you will be huddled around the vent to get cool on a summer day. Our team knows how to work out what system you need for the correct square footage of your home.

If you have existing duct work already in the home then lets cross our fingers it was installed right, bad ducting not only causes unwanted noise and inconsistent cooling . It will be a waste of time putting a new system in if the air is not getting to you properly. We have special little cameras to put in the vents to make sure there is no damage or a gap so we know the air is flowing freely through.

The next thing that is needed is to work out how much the system is going to cost. The bigger the place the more expensive it will be.

A small home or condo around 1400sq ft for central air will run you around $6,000 for installation and the unit and thermostat.

An average size home of 3000sq ft will cost around $10,000 for again the full installation and everything needed.

A large home of 7500sq ft will be about $15,000 or up depending on the design of the house, these systems are heavy duty to provide maximum air flow.

These prices will vary depending on the brand of the system you have installed; they can be more expensive or less.

If you need any repair work done to your central air system then do not hesitate in giving us a call,

we will have our air conditioning and heating repair engineers on standby waiting to take your call.

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"I wanted someone to come out to fix my AC unit straight away and they provided me an engineer within the hour. How good is that, super quick service!"


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"Gary the air conditioning guy was a real pro who knew what the problem was straight away, he had the part in stock so he switched it out and had the air back on that same day"


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"I was happy how the installation went; they really went to great lengths to accommodate my crazy work schedule. Thanks Air Conditioning Sherman Oaks for working on my system"

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